How To Watch The Virtual Film Fest

On July 11th and 12th 2020, the FREE STREAMING of the Small Wonders Film Festival will be live and we are very excited to show you the amazing tiny films we have selected! Here is how to watch it:

ON THE WEB – The easiest way to watch it is on here the Small Wonders website. The stream will be online starting on Saturday until the end of day Sunday and you can visit it anytime during that time.

ON YOUR TV – If you have a Roku, web-enabled TV or similar web-connected devices with Youtube installed, you can watch the Small Wonders stream on your TV for a home-theater experience! Visit the Small Wonders Channel, then click SUBSCRIBE and the BELL next to it to be notified when the stream is online to watch. It will remain on Youtube until the end of day Sunday.

We hope this free streaming will bring some fun to you all during our mutual isolation.

Small Wonders 8 – A Virtual Exhibition of Tiny Art & Films
Saturday July 11 2020 – FREE ONLINE EVENT


How To View The Virtual Gallery

VIRTUAL GALLERY QUICK TIPS – For the virtual gallery, we STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you view it via desktop/laptop for the best viewing, most features and ease of use. However, if you are on mobile, there is also an app (Android & iOS), but it works slightly different. Here are some tips:

ON DESKTOP BROWSER – Move your mouse on the floor (feet will pop up) and click where you want to walk to. You can also click directly on a piece to walk straight to it. Click on the map (lower left) will also work. To see a piece close, click it for a larger view and details. (note: if the gallery seems sluggish, click the gear icon to reduce the resolution)

ON MOBILE APP – Tap on the floor where you want to walk to or you can use your thumbs on the two pads (feet and eye) to move around. To see a piece, click it for details, but you will need to move closer to see the piece larger

Attached below are screenshots of both the desktop & mobile app screens.

Hope you enjoy the virtual event!

Small Wonders 8 – A Virtual Exhibition of Tiny Art & Films
Saturday July 11 2020 – Free Online Event


The 2020 Big Roster of Tiny Artists!

We are quite proud to present to you the 2020 roster of tiny artists for 8th annual Small Wonders Exhibition!

Abby Shade (Memphis, MI)
Camille McCoy (Williamston, MI)
Christina Haylett (Rochester, MI)
Claudia Hershman (Huntington Woods, MI)
David Mandiberg (Auburn Hills, MI)
Jackie Brooks (Grosse Pointe Farms, MI)
James Frederick Leach (Ann Arbor, MI)
Kat Silver (Indianapolis, IN)
Kristy Quinn (Indianapolis, IN)
Larry Jamison (Allen Park, MI)
Marly Joseph Desir (Haiti )
Mary Eldridge (Ann Arbor, MI)
Michelle Turner (Livonia, MI)
Monika Viktoria (Australia)
Nancy Kozlowski (Royal Oak, MI)
Noel Shearer (Royal Oak)
Paula Marie Deubel (Sterling Heights, MI)
Rita Bomma (Riley, MI)
Therese Wood (Lansing, MI)

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Small Wonders 8 – An Virtual Exhibition of Tiny Art & Films
Saturday July 11 2020 – Free Online Event


The 2020 Roster of Tiny Films Has Been Released!

We are proud to present to you the 2020 roster of tiny films for 8th annual Small Wonders Exhibition! (in screening order)

“Looking at Art” – Carl Knickerbocker (2020 Florida 0:47)
Looking at art. Stop motion clay figures. Odd.

“Water” – Cesar Diaz Melendez (2020 Spain 1:30)
The water journey and our problems with it. A sand animation film.

“Here ’til June” – Melanie Futorian (2020 New York 1:00)
What magical things can happen in an apartment during pandemic isolation.

“The Retreat” – Bel Holborow, Bella Meagher (2019 Australia 1:57)
Peace and quiet? Certainly not for Mona when Britney enters the scene. ‘The Retreat’ follows one woman’s desperation for serenity when faced with the frivolous procrastinations of a fellow retreater.

“A Beginner’s Guide to Quarantine From A Born-Again Optimist” – Kristyna Archer (2020 California 2:54)
Life in quarantine has taken a mental toll on every one of us. I made this film with hopes it would bring spirits up, reconnect us and act as reminder that this is a shared experience the world is having together, apart. You are not alone.

“House Call” – Lorraine Reyes (2019 Georgia 5:00)
A distracted entertainment booking agent mixes up the assignments for two house calls, creating and awkward situation where the customers are surprised and the talent feels like a fish out of water.

“Double Cross” – Jeff Vande Zande (2020 Michigan 1:00)
A story of presumed betrayal.

“Coronalone” – Nigel Gould-Davies (2020 United Kingdom 1:00)
Alone in lockdown, an unexpected encounter.

“ISOuLATION” – Sade Mamedova (2020 Russian Federation 2:59)
When the heart is broken and your soul is locked, you become a restless creature who will never be the same again.

“Loki’s Game” – Supple Nam, Johan Nayar (2020 United Kingdom 4:59)
Set in a urban environment, Loki, the God of Mischief, descends to play his games.

“A Flying Squirrel’s Tale” – Paul Kelly (2019 New York 0:57)
A flying squirrel outfoxes a “skulk of foxes” in the woods.

“Perturbation” – Fabrice en Garcia-Carpintero (2020 France 4:00)
They surround us, and too often go unnoticed … How many times do we cross their territory without taking the time to contemplate their discreet beauty? Perfectly suited. They exist, as we exist.

“Take It” – Txemi Pejenaute (2019 Spain 4:00)
He has shot his camera thousands of times and yet he has never taken a picture. An element of the disruption changes all and he begins to see for the first time, to have a look in his eyes.

“Gravity” – Yao Yao (2019 Netherlands 2:45)
When asked by his girlfriend about the essence of his love for her, a young man remembers a dream he once had about the African jungle, in which the forces of nature seemed to lead a life of their own.

“Go Back 3 Spaces” – Stefano Schiavone (2019 Italy 4:39)
With the typical coldness of board game rules and instructions, a Merchant tells the regret of a man isolated from the world. Despite everything, this is also a love story.

“ISOLATION” – Gnanendra Shamaiah (2020 India 4:18)
Project Isolation idea came during India COVID19 lockdown time using my archived footages, which were shot in Mumbai, Jaipur, Udaipur, Goa, Kochi, Sikkim, Lucknow and Delhi. Practice social distancing and stay safe.

“The Krechel Sisters” – Tom Young (2019 Texas 4:34)
The Krechel Sisters go on a garage sale adventure.

“Paper Dreams” – Zack Kron (2018 Louisiana 1:00)
A young boy learns the secrets of life from his grandpa.

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Small Wonders 8 – An Virtual Exhibition of Tiny Art & Films
Saturday July 11 2020 – Free Online Event