– 2019 Featured Artist –

Annissa Pettit (Oak Park)
B.P. LeGault (Royal Oak)
Braden Duncan (Washington)
Camille McCoy (Williamston)
Carl Demeulenaere (Grosse Pte)
Clever9Design (Harper Wds)
Crystal Mielcarek (Hamtramck)
David Prescott (Rochester Hls)
Debbee Lotito (Lathrup Vlg)
Eve Hyde (Royal Oak)
Fae (Detroit)
Gail Carpenter (St Clair Shr)
Jackie Brooks (Grosse Pte Fms)
Jason Passeno (Redford)
Jen Casper (Lincoln Park)
Jenny Creech (Clinton Twp)
Jim Leach (Ann Arbor)
John Thomason (California)
Krysta Logan (Oxford)
Krystal Tibbs (Alabama)
Laurel Shada (Sterling Hts)
Laurie Wechter (Ann Arbor)
Leo James (Canton)
Linda Buck (Berkley)
Linden Eller (Arizona)
Maria Latour (Canton)
Mary Eldridge (Ann Arbor)
Melissa Porter (Berkley)
mushabear (Warren)
Nicole Filiatrault (California)
Paul Balog (Wyandotte)
Paula Marie Deubel (Sterling Hts)
Rachel Truscon (Ann Arbor)
Renee Robinson (Sterling Hts)
Shanta Ambady (Detroit)
Shelby & Karl Denton (Detroit)
Sya Reed (Kentucky)
Tina Speece (Alabama)
Vanessa Lipson (Berkley)
Wayne Pace (Pontiac)
Zieg (Walled Lake)

– 2019 Featured Filmmakers & Films –

“Chase Your Passion” – Cameon Wade (2018 Michigan 1:40)
An anecdotal, inspirational short about finding and following your passion.

“Corkscrewed” – Massimo Ottoni (2019 Italy 3:51)
A dance, a fight, a solo; the story of a courtship.

“Crossing Over” – Lotti Bauer (2018 Switzerland 4:00)
Temperamental cars collide with consequences.

“Danny’s Super 8” – Colin Russell & Alec Rodriques (2018 California 4:00)
A look into the work of underground filmmaker Danny Plotnick and his love for Super-8 film.

“Game Time” – Paul Hickert (2019 New York 1:10)
Things get out of hand and someone could get hurt, when the big GAME is getting ready to start and the TV goes on the blink.

“Portraitures” – Cosmo Richard John Spada (2019 Oregon 3:35)
An artist interprets the lives of strangers in the form of urban sketches.

“re/cycle” – Rene Smaal (2018 Netherlands 0:54)
A forest. A bicycle. A man. Where did they come from? Where do they go?

“Rendez-vous” – Jimmy Boutry & Thibaud Chaufourier (2017 France 2:10)
In a manor out of time, a man begins to paint a canvas.

“Sophie & the Magic Mirror” – Jeremy Bridges (2019 United States 4:59)
Sophie finds herself face to face with the Magic Mirror of classic fairytales and works through what she should ask.

“The Modelist” – Ben Mottershead (2018 United Kingdom 1:00)
A model enthusiast struggles to speak to a girl he sees in the park, so uses his own unique methods to ask her on a date.

And as a Special Feature

“Being Satori Circus ~ SizzleTrailer” – Mark Finnell (2019 Michigan 3:23)
A ‘sizzle/teaser’ trailer of the Hybrid Documentary in production, ‘Being Satori Circus’.


– 2018 Featured Artist –

Amy Kollar Anderson (Ohio)
B.P. LeGault (Royal Oak)
Bonnie Gloris (New York)
Camille McCoy (Williamston)
Carl Demeulenaere (Grosse Pointe)
Carol Morris (Saline)
clever9design (Harper Wds)
Crystal Mielcarek (Hamtramck)
Dawn Cooke (Hamtramck)
Debbee Lotito (Lathrup Vlg)
Dekilah (Detroit)
DVS (Detroit)
E.M. (Detroit)
Erin Kruczek (Dearborn)
Gail Carpenter (St Clair Shores)
Jackie Brooks (Grosse Pt Farms)
Jen Casper (Lincoln Park)
Joseph Ferraro (Ferndale)
Karl Denton (Wolverine Lk)
Laurel Shada (Sterling Hts)
Lisa Grix/Grixdolls (Harrison Twp)
Lisa Mangussi (Brazil)
Marshew (Detroit)
Melissa Porter (Berkley)
Nancy Kozlowski (Royal Oak)
Nathan Weitzman (Ohio)
Patti Pfaendtner (Macomb)
Paula Marie Deubel (Sterling Hts)
Rachael Jones (Romulus)
Rachel Truscon (Ann Arbor)
Renee Robinson (Sterling Hts)
Sam Thorp (Pennsylvania)
Sanda Cook (Hamtramck)
Shannon Burnett (Pleasant Rdg)
Sya Reed (Ohio)
Tina Speece (Alabama)
Wenlin Tan (Singapore)
William (Detroit)

– 2018 Featured Filmmakers & Films –

“After The Reign: Confusion” – Jennifer S Tarrazi-Scully (2018 Georgia/N Carolina 01:00)
A woman dealing with the loss of an important figure in her life.

“Cross the Bridge” – Marc Eikelenboom (2017 Netherlands 02:29)
A lonely bridgekeeper’s life changes if he falls in love.

“Encounter / Encuentro” – Camila Ausente (2017 Mexico 01:01)
A very short story of a very brief encounter

“Happy Birthday” – Javier F. Espadas (2017 Spain 01:00)
Why does dad want to celebrate his daughter’s birthday every night?

“Movement Never Lies” – Angèle Methangkool-Robert (2017 France 03:34)
A dance floor as a giant canvas and my own body as a paintbrush.

“PAW” – Diana Lee Woody (2017 California 00:58)
It comes from the other side and nothing can stop it.

“Rag Dolls” – Justin & Kristin Schaack (2017 Minnesota 04:12)
Playtime turns into uncontrolled shenanigans when a child discovers rag dolls in an antique chest.

“Self-Help: A Multiplex 10 Short” – Gordon McAlpin (2018 Massachusetts 03:37)
A grumpy movie theater employee gets a lesson in customer service from a co-worker.

“The Cord” – Catherine L. Allard (2017 Canada 05:25)
Adam is about to do something that will change everything. He is ready to cut the cord.

“Traum(A)Novelle” – Francesco Faralli (2018 Italy 01:00)
Why being to the hairdresser is becoming a nightmare?

“Why/Wee” – Monica McFawn (2018 Michigan 00:05)
Trepidation turns to triumph for an anxious turtle.


– 2017 Featured Artist –

Aaron Beylerian (Waterford)
Alex Wilson (Rochester Hills)
Allison Tanenhaus (Somerville, MA)
B.P. LeGault (Royal Oak)
Baron L. J. Robertson (Ann Arbor)
Becca Plantus (Royal Oak)
Braden Duncan (Seattle, WA)
Brandon Heard (Inkster)
Carol Morris (Saline)
Carrie Care Wheeler (Plymouth)
Christine DAgostini (Dearborn)
Christopher W. Morris (Detroit)
Claudia Hershman (Huntington Woods)
Clever9design (Harper Woods)
D. A. Shumate (Pittsburgh, PA)
Darleen Urbanek (Sterling Heights)
Debbee Lotito (Lathrup Village)
Debraha Watson (West Bloomfield)
Dekilah (Detroit)
DVS (Detroit)
Earthenwood Studio (Hazel Park)
Eve Noir (Detroit)
Grixdolls (Harrison Township)
Heather Thornton (Royal Oak)
Heming (Waterford)
Jack O. Summers (Detroit)
Jackie Brooks (Grosse Pointe Farms)
Jane Reiter (Lansing)
Jen Casper (Lincoln Park)
Jenny Creech (Waterford)
Joseph Ferraro (Ferndale)
Karl Denton (Wolverine Lake)
Kelli Tilton (Weir, TX)
Kia Ix Arriaga (Warren)
Kristina Sheufelt (Detroit)
Krysta Logan (Oxford)
Laurel Shada (Sterling Heights)
Lauren May (Casco)
Lawrence Gardinier (Marietta)
Lexie Takis (Plymouth)
Linden (Detroit)
Malina Sintnicolaas (Hamilton, ONT)
Marshew (Detroit)
Michelle Dale (St Clair Shores)
Mike Bell (Northfield, NJ)
Monique K. Given (Detroit)
Paige Reynolds (Toronto, ONT)
Paula Marie Deubel (Sterling Heights)
Ren Fracture (Taylor)
Sabrina Mayes (Detroit)
Sanda Cook (Hamtramck)
Shekinah 9 (Hazel Park)
Stevie Baka (Detroit)
Sue Static (Detroit)
Sya (Cincinnati, OH)
Tania Pomales (Vineland)
Vanessa Pesch (Miramichi)
Victoria Wheeler (Canton)
Woodbury Rand (Chicago, IL)

Creating tiny art live during the event…

  • Alex Wilson – Watercolor and ink
  • B. Heard – Carving (wine corks, into tiny tiki heads)
  • Baron L. J. Robertson – Jewelry
  • Eve Noir – Acrylic painting on wood plaques
  • Lestrange – Acrylic, watercolor, landscape, sci-fi
  • Lexie Takis – Dreamy, astral, acrylic pieces
  • Monique K. Given – Mixed Media
  • Ren – drawings, marker, paint

– 2017 Featured Filmmakers & Films –

“A Stones Throw Away” – Brian Ratigan (2016 USA 3:15)
Drowning in isolation, a lonely soul finds a machine that can render artificial nostalgia for a price.

“Clowns vs. Corn 4 Gold Malt Liquor” – MCR/Electric Otto (2017 Michigan 0:40)
Fear Clowns? Fear Corn 4 Gold Malt Liquor!

“Gale” – Foster Eber (2016 Indiana 4:03)
A lonely lighthouse keeper grapples with the loss of his wife.

“Inside Job” – Qi Deng (2016 USA 1:30)
Machines have taken over so many human jobs. Every occupation, however, has its hazards.

“Jackalope” – Harrison Schaeffer (2017 Michigan 0:41)
In pursuit of an elusive critter.

“Paint” – Chris Kotcher (2016 Michigan 0:30)
A 30-second film about watching paint dry.

“Pleased To Meet You ” – Fargier Alice (2017 France 2:20)
Tonight Marion has decided to bring her boyfriend to a girls only party.

“Reminiscence” – Tom Carty, Adam Thomas Wright (2016 United Kingdom 2:32)
As life moves on by, there is a moment of stillness, as one boy sits on a bench and thinks about his life.

“Tempo” – Arjan Brentjes (2016 Netherlands 1:00)
A man tries to relax on a bench in the park, but he’s constantly bothered by the latest innovations.

“The Party” – Robert Lyons (2016 USA 2:36)
A cameraless animation anijam (drawn, painted & scratched directly on 35mm film) created by attendees of the 47th Annual ASIFA-East Animation Awards Festival in NYC.

“Trio” – John Graham (2016 Canada 3:20)
Trio explores 3 metaphorical characters who intersect in stories told through gestures, body and sound.

“Twilight Suburb” – Carl Knickerbocker (Florida 0:00)

“W H A T I F” – Francois Albaranes (2016 France 3:12)
A depressed man struggles with the loss of his loved one.

“What The Hell !” – Sophie Galibert (2017 France 4:00)
A man and a woman, in the middle of the desert, disagree about what cinema is.

“Zoorini” – Steve Vasiliou (2017 Greece 1:00)
Zoo(animal in Greek)+Irini(peace) =”Zoorini”, an amusing one minute film showing paradise beyond our selfish existence.


– 2016 Featured Artist –

Aishele (Poland)
Allison Tanenhaus (MA)
Anna Hughes (Eastpointe)
Becca Plantus (Troy)
BP LeGault (Royal Oak)
Brian Ritson (Dearborn)
Carrie Care Wheeler (Plymouth)
Cherie Stangis (Ferndale)
Chris McCauley (Pontiac)
Clever9design (Harper Woods)
Crystal Mielcarek (Hamtramck)
Cynthia Fogliatti (Detroit)
Dan Gerard (Sterling Heights)
Debbee Lotito (Lathrup Village)
Dekilah (Detroit)
Emily Zelasko (Lincoln Park)
Gail Borowski (Shelby Township)
Grixdolls (Harrison Township)
Jack O.Summers (Detroit)
Jackie Brooks (Grosse Pt Farms)
Jane Reiter (Lansing)
Jennifer Evans (Livonia)
Jenny Creech (Clinton Township)
K.L. Darnell (East Lansing)
Katarzyna Kurowska (Poland)
Katarzyna Ociepska Uljado (Polska)
Kelli Tilton (Texas)
Kia Ix Arriaga (Ferndale)
Krysta Logan (Oxford)
Lacy Draper (Roseville)
Laurel Shada (Sterling Hts)
Linden (Detroit)
Maria Latour (Livonia)
Mike Frieseman (Ann Arbor)
Motor City Bonsai (Madison Hts)
Mrs Empty (Garden City)
Nancy Kozlowski (Royal Oak)
Nancy McRay (Williamsburg)
Osiria (Leonard)
Patti Pfaendtner (Macomb)
Paula Marie Deubel (Sterling Hts)
Rachel Quinlan (Saint Clair Shores)
Renard (Lake Angelus)
Robby Gall (Detroit)
Rosemarie Hughes (Ferndale)
Sabrina Mayes (Detroit)
Sarah Koch (Livonia)
Shirley K. Bentsen (Lansing)
Sofa Syntaxx (Detroit)
Stella Isis Rothe (Sterling Hts)
Sya (Cincinnati)
Von Ecker (Madison Hts)
Wayne (Pontiac)

– 2016 Featured Filmmakers & Films –

“A Blind Man Sees” – John Graham (2013 Canada 1min)
One day on bus ride, a young blind man inexplicably experiences surreal visions in a world that he once knew with sight.

“A Bone to Pick” – Kim DeJohn (2016 New York 5min)
A disgruntled T-rex skeleton reclaims his stolen bones from Neanderthals.

“Cacophony” – AiHsuan Shih (2016 United States 2min)
Through the eyes and ears of a young girl, we escape the harsh sounds of the urban environment and find solace in a serene inner world.

“Far Away to Ambon” – Andrea Est (2016 California 3min)

“Happy Birthday Kevin” – John Psathas (2016 Illinois 1min)
At 15, Kevin risks it all for a shot at greatness.

“HARMONY” – Margaret Orr (2013 New York 2min)
Two women navigate the trials and wonders of long-term friendship.

“Passions” – Manuel Schuepfer (2015 Switzerland 3min)
A series about the secrect passions of Katto Maempf.

“Seriously Deadly Silence” – Sara Koppel (2015 Denmark 1min)
A one minute moment of 60 endangered species.

“Silence” – Elena Brodach (2015 Russian Federation 4min)
The story of love that everyone dreams

“Speed Dating” – Heather Nicole (2016 Germany 2min)
When it comes to love… Timing is everything.

“Stephen The Time Travelling Dog” – Kyran Davies (2015 United Kingdom 3min)
Where’s Stephen?

“The Chair” – Mike Ritchie (2015 United Kingdom 2min)
An ageing, forgotten chair remembers its more glorious and important past.


– 2015 Featured Artist –

Abida Blaze (MI)
Aga (Poland)
Agata (Poland)
Allison Gardiner (MI)
Anastasia Lavdaniti (Greece)
Angela Galea (MI)
Angeline D’balentine (MI)
Anna Hughes (MI)
B.P. Legault (MI)
Beast Syndicate (MI)
Beata (Poland)
Becca Eggert (MI)
Cherie Stangis (MI)
Christopher Zagacki (MI)
Clever9design (MI)
Crystal Mielcarek (MI)
Curious City Art (MI)
Damagedi (MI)
Daniel Seybold (MI)
Dekilah (MI)
Devata Vindaloo (MI)
Emilia Gasienica-Setlak (Poland)
Emily Zelasko (MI)
Eric Toth (MI)
Erik Giorgi (RI)
Erin Kruczek (MI)
Gabrielle Pescador (MI)
Grixdolls (MI)
Hanna Krzysztofiak (Poland)
Hilary Salas (MI)
Jack O. Summers (MI)
Jason Koprin MC Bonsai (MI)
Jen Gonzalez (MI)
Jenna Jyoti (MI)
Joseph Ferraro (MI)
Karl Denton (MI)
Katarzyna Ociepska (Poland)
Katarzyna Roman (Poland)
Kelli Tilton (TX)
Kelly Wojdyla (MI)
Kia Ix Arriaga (MI)
Kristina Rutar (Slovenia)
L. Mcginnis (MI)
Lynn Blasey (MI)
Maria Korczak-Idzinska (Poland)
Marion Richter (MI)
Marta (Poland)
Mary Fortuna (MI)
Megan Gregware (FL)
Melissa Leeper (MI)
Monkeyteeth (MI)
Nancy Kozlowski (MI)
Patti Pfaendtner (MI)
Paula Marie Deubel (MI)
Raven Britton (MI)
Ren Fracture (MI)
Rick Cronn (MI)
Ryan Lack (MI)
Ryan Monte (MI)
Safal Chitre (CT)
Sarah Koch (MI)
Shanta Ambady (MI)
Sharela May Bonfield (NY)
Shekinah 9 (MI)
Silke Seybold (MI)
Sofia Syntaxx (MI)
Steven Goossen (MI)
Thaddeus Brick Mckracken (MI)
The Art Of Butts (MI)
Trissa Tilson (NH)
Vitalii (Ukraine)

– 2015 Featured Filmmakers & Films –

“20 Meters of Love in Montmartre” – Pierre Gaffié (France 5min)
4 lonely women in Paris find a secret connection between them, not only through their faces but also through their arts.

“Calendar Girls” – Lisa Birke (Canada 4min)
A humorous spectacle reveals the fallacy of the selfie and the mythos of objectification while restoring the humanness of the stripped-down Calendar Girl.

“Chinese Treachery” – Jake Balfour-Lynn (United Kingdom 3min)
Is a Chinese oral exam a time to communicate in Mandarin or is it a time to share a few home truths?

“Didgeridoo Party” – Mike D (Michigan 1min)

“Drop It” – Tania Romero (Round Rock, TX 1min)
A dog wants popcorn, and he will do what it takes to get it.

“Haiku 7:PULSE” – Lyle Pisio (Canada 5min)
A short stop-motion haiku about a drum troll struggling for freedom from his prison, while an artist works to free his muse.

“Imagine Redux” – Ryan Burtney (Michigan 2min)

“Morning Coffee” – Tracy Miller-Robbins (Ohio 1min)
Peering into one’s coffee, time moves in a different way. Part dream, part daydream while one gains consciousness.

“Most Days” – Ryan Burtney (Michigan 1min)

“My Own Private 8 Mile” – Michael Pfaendtner (Michigan 4min)
A personal tour along Detroit’s infamous northern boundary road.

“The Call” – Rachel Whitelock (United Kingdom 3min)

“Wires & Roots” – Cristen Leifheit (Illinois 2min)
Roots & Wires explores the idea of landscape and the technology that infuses it.


– 2014 Featured Artist –

Anita Schmaltz
Brian Lewandowski
Cee Jay “Inky” Jones
Cheryl Kelly
Debra Slavin-Glazer
Jan van de Pol
Jason Koprin/Motor City Bonsai
Jeanine DeNitto
Jeremy Wilson
Kelly Gray
Madeleine Crawford
Sofia Syntaxx
Sophia Fenby


– 2013 Featured Artist –

A. Garavaglia
A. Owen Layne
Abida Blaze
Angela Galea
Anita Schmaltz
Artemis Realm Photography
Audra Olivia
B.P. LeGault
Brian “Weirdartist” Lewandowski
Christopher Gideon
Cory Thompson
CV Peterson
Debbee Sheppard
Diane Irby
Eric Toth
Erin Kruczek
Freakasaurus Rex
Gina Signore
Gwen Joy
Hi MacGilvray
Holly Hock
Industrial Girl
J. Amadeaus Scott
Jeremy Wilson
Jerry Shirts
Joe “Intrinsic” Sawyer
Joey Merchant
Joseph Ferraro
judith waterman
Joel Hernandez
Justin Aerni
Kelly Wojdyla
Kia Ixchel Arriaga
Kim Hoxworth & Tima McEvoy
Krystina Publiski
Latricia Horstman
linda rand
Lindsey Harnish
Luke MacGilvray
Madeleine Crawford
Marc Beauregard
Marianne Letasi
Marie Kidd
Mariuca Rofick
Mike Bell
Mike Ross
Ralph Parus
Ren Fracture
Shekinah 9
Sophia Fenby
Spilt Sugar
Steven Goossen
Suzy Adra
Tim Pewe
Tisch Mikhail Lewis
TJ Samuels
Trail “Sad” Raya