The 2018 Roster of Tiny Films Has Been Released!

We are proud to present to you the 2018 roster of tiny films for 6th annual Small Wonders Exhibition!  (Not in screening order)

“After The Reign: Confusion” – Jennifer S Tarrazi-Scully (2018 Georgia/N Carolina 01:00)
A woman dealing with the loss of an important figure in her life.

“Cross the Bridge” – Marc Eikelenboom (2017 Netherlands 02:29)
A lonely bridgekeeper’s life changes if he falls in love.

“Encounter / Encuentro” – Camila Ausente (2017 Mexico 01:01)
A very short story of a very brief encounter

“Happy Birthday” – Javier F. Espadas (2017 Spain 01:00)
Why does dad want to celebrate his daughter’s birthday every night?

“Movement Never Lies” – Angèle Methangkool-Robert (2017 France 03:34)
A dance floor as a giant canvas and my own body as a paintbrush.

“PAW” – Diana Lee Woody (2017 California 00:58)
It comes from the other side and nothing can stop it.

“Rag Dolls” – Justin & Kristin Schaack (2017 Minnesota 04:12)
Playtime turns into uncontrolled shenanigans when a child discovers rag dolls in an antique chest.

“Self-Help: A Multiplex 10 Short” – Gordon McAlpin (2018 Massachusetts 03:37)
A grumpy movie theater employee gets a lesson in customer service from a co-worker.

“The Cord” – Catherine L. Allard (2017 Canada 05:25)
Adam is about to do something that will change everything. He is ready to cut the cord.

“Traum(A)Novelle” – Francesco Faralli (2018 Italy 01:00)
Why being to the hairdresser is becoming a nightmare?

“Why/Wee” – Monica McFawn (2018 Michigan 00:05)
Trepidation turns to triumph for an anxious turtle.

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Small Wonders 6 – An Exhibition of Tiny Art & Films
Saturday July 14 2018 – 7pm until midnight – All Ages
Atomic Cafe, 10326 Joseph Campau, Hamtramck, MI